CMF Bone Growth Stimulator

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The CMF Bone Growth Stimulator’s state-of-the-art, FDA approved Combined Magnetic Field (CMF) technology provides medical professionals with an effective tool for healing problem fractures and spinal fusion procedures. Outstanding results and excellent patient compliance are reasons why our company is a leader in the industry. Data supporting a once daily 30 minute treatment with heal rates up to 89% and 49% increase in spinal fusion success.

  • A computational anatomic model was developed for interbody and posterolateral spinal fusion procedures.
  • EMS software was used to simulate the magnetic and electrical fields.
  • From a biological standpoint, the fundamental property of magnetic fields allows CMF to stimulate all cells and their intracellular components within the treatment volume required for bone repair or consolidation.
  • The therapeutic effect of the CMF SpinaLogic Bone Growth Stimulator is based on the action of combined magnetic fields, not an electric field.
  • The combined magnetic field generated by the CMF SpinaLogic device provides targeted and complete coverage of typical bone graft volumes for single and multi-level fusions of the L1-L5 vertebrae.